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Welcome to Empyrean forum.

Post by Destiny89 on 2013-03-29, 15:17

Hello Players,

Welcome to Empyrean forum.

Empyrean is active,english speaking guild on Mars and we are recruiting new players.

If you want to join us, register an account on the forum and submit your application.
You can find the application template in the following thread: http://empyrean.forumotion.co.uk/t4-application-template-example
You can post your application in the following thread: http://empyrean.forumotion.co.uk/f2-applications
We will discuss your application and reply to it with the results.
NOTE: We will not accept badly or half filled applications,stick to the template,and give full and honest answers.

Before applying,we would kindly ask you to read the Empyrean rules,which you can find here: http://empyrean.forumotion.co.uk/t6-empyrean-guild-rules

Register with your game nick name.

Requirements to join Empyrean:

Level: Minimum lv 160 for all classes.
Honor: 10 or above.
Nation: Procyon only.

Set: Decent set (7amp armours / rol+2/ cr+2 and good weapons as minimum)

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