CromeArcher Application

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CromeArcher Application

Post by CromeArcher on 2013-10-07, 18:50

Character Name:   CromeArcher

Your old nicks,other chars that you play/have played:  
MagicFlower (Lv. 154 WI)
TerrorShield (Lv. 144 FS)
TerrorSlayer (Lv. 141 WA)
xCrome (Lv. 143 FB)
xBrutus (Lv. 144 BL)
CursedRitual (Lv. 132 WA)

Age:   21
RL name:   Rudy
Country:   The Netherlands
Character Level:   181 (22%)
Character Class:   Force Archer
Character nation:   Procyon
Character Creation date:   27 May 2009
Achievement score:   914
Honor (lv/%):   Class 10 (53,91%)

What was your old guild and why did you leave it?

Benelux. After a month of inactivity from my side because I had a little injury, I returned online in Benelux and noticed over half the members were gone and the Guild Master was changed to an alternative character of the old Guild Master. After I spend some time on another character to see if the Guild was going te be active again, I decided to leave Benelux.

Why do you want to join Empyrean?

After I left Benelux I wanted to join my old friends from that guild to get motivated again for playing Cabal. The people I know from my old guild:
GeAeYs (Lv. 190 BL), xXxIreliaxXx (Lv. 183 BL), SexyAsHell (Lv. 178 FA), BowDownToARealG (Lv. 164 FB).
I also need a guild where I can go to more higher level dungeons more often, which I could not in Benelux.

Your Cabal Story:

I started playing Cabal in 2008 after my real-life friend asked me to start playing Cabal. I started Cabal with a Force Shielder, TerrorShield. In that time it was hard to get to level 100, and I was proud when I reached level 85. After I played Force Shielder for a while I started playing a Force Archer and noticed I liked it much more. Luckily Cabal made some updates in that time, so the game was going to be a bit easier. I reached level 110 and started leveling with some other Dutch people from an other Dutch guild in that time. The time I reached level 140 I was able to start grinding with my friend who invited me into the game. After some levels he quited Cabal and he was only online for like an hour in a week. I kept playing and reached 150+ when Battle Mode 3 was launched. I was happy with this update because I had a reason to grind in Pontus Ferrum, at level 162 I quited Pontus Ferrum with my Battle Mode 3 full. With my new guild; Benelux I was able to level up till level 175 and with some help of other in IC2 I reached level 181.

Weapon(s):    Mithril Orb of Deathblow +9 (3% Rate, 20% DMG)
                   Mithril Orb +11 (20% DMG)
Gloves:   SIGMetal Glove (FA) of Outrageous +15 (7% Amp, 3% HP steal)
Suit:   Teragrace Coat (FA) of Outrageous +9 (7% Amp, 50 HP)
Boots:   Mithril Boots (FA) of Anabiotic +9 (7% Amp)
Helm:   Teragrace Headgear (FA) of Fatal +9 (36% DMG)

Epaulet:   Epaulet of Sage +8
Ring1:   Killian's Ring
Ring2:   Ring of Luck +2
Ring3:   Critical Ring +2
Ring4:   Critical Ring +2
Amulet:   Amulet of Pain +5
Earings:   Vampiric Earring +4 (x2)
Bracelets:   Bracelet of Sage +3 (+3% Amp) (x2)
Charm:   (None)
Board/bike:   Astral Board Card - K Red

Pet(lvl/slots):   Red Garlie (Ishida) Lv. 9/10 (0,40%)
MP, MP auto heal, Crit Rate, MP steal, Max HP steal (x2), Alz drop, Resist Crit Rate

Critical Damage: Lv. 1
Amp: Lv. 2
(Magic)Attack: Lv. 8
HP Absorb UP: Lv. 3
HP Absorb Limit UP: Lv. 5
HP: Lv. 15
Deffense: Lv. 8
Max Critical Rate: ---
INT: Lv. 4
DEX: Lv. 4
STR: Lv. 4
Damage Reduce: ---
Accuracy: ---
(Note: Don't give for other runes)

Blended runes: ---

Dungeons (number of cleared dungeons).
FI: 1
AOS2: 14
IC2: 14
FT2: 14
MO: 12
AFT2: ---
EOD3: ---

Guild rules acceptance: I have read and accept the rules of Empyrean![/color]


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Re: CromeArcher Application

Post by Destiny89 on 2013-10-07, 19:20

Thanks for your application ,we will discuss it and let you know the result soon!


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Re: CromeArcher Application

Post by TheAvarice on 2013-10-08, 15:33

Your application is accepted.
Welcome to the Empyrean team.


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Re: CromeArcher Application

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