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WTJ Tsunade9717

Post by Tsunade9717 on 2013-11-18, 16:17

Character Name: Tsunade9717
Your old nicks,other chars that you play/have played: Stone9717 (BL) since 2008.08-2010.06
RL name:Devecseri Ricsi
Country: Hungary
Character Level: 169 ( close to 170 )
Character Class: WI
Character nation: Procyon
Character Creation date:2008.12.09
Achievement score:1943
Honor (lv/%): 12(12.00%) [ +8955 WEXP , wating for 10k ]

What was your old guild and why did you leave it? OfficalRoadBlockers , EC06 i left them because they were mostly inactive or solo players.
SeventhForce I joined like year ago and I get many friends there , but for now , 80% of my old friends are quitted/ left / got hacked ( only one of them ) and the only old friend was there is Dobovcan , but now he got blocked permanently for nonsense reason. There are many new guys and I dont know them , they are not active that much or if they do , they mostly playing solo dungs .

Why do you want to join Empyrean? Well , I am looking for an active , friendly guild , where if i call "ft2/mo" i dont have to wait like half an hour for one reply.

Your Cabal Story: Started play in the year 2008 . 08 , my first characther was a BL but I also made a WI too . I played BL for not exactly 2 years and i had to stop because of family problems( parents divorce ) and school . After a year break I came back to play and kept playing on BL meanwhile in the boring hours i leveld my WI too . Then around one year of playing I stopped again because I found another good game but three month later I came to play again till these days . Rarely I stop playing because of that "new" game ( League of Legends) , If i had to practice to tournaments i get boring from cabal , you know.

Weapon(s): Aqua Orb +15 40 dmg / Topaz Orb+9 40 dmg
Gloves: SIGMetal +15 7% Magic amp , 3 % hp steal , lv 1 extreme upg.
Suit: SIGMetal +14 7 All amp , 100 hp
Boots:SIGMetal +15 7% Magic amp , 100 hp
Helm: Osmium +9 8 rate , 20 dmg ( Looking for 24/15 atm )

Epaulet: SIGEos +7
Ring1: Cr2
Amulet: Aop +6
Earings: Vamp +6 x2
Bracelets: Bos +7 x2
Charm:Amber +3
Board/bike: K-Crystal

Pet(lvl/slots): lv 5 . Crappy slots ( Defrate , resist knock back x2 , hp , evasion )

Runes.(lvls)( Collecting AP for achiv atm)
Critical Damage: -
Amp: -
(Magic)Attack: lv2
HP Absorb UP: -
HP Absorb Limit UP: lv3
HP: max
Defense: -
Max Critical Rate: -
INT: -
DEX: -
STR: -
Damage Reduce: -
Accuracy: -
(Note: Don't give for other runes)

Blended runes: Sensibility lv1
Cure lv1
( both on monsters )
Dungeons (number of cleared dungeons).
FI: 16
AOS2: 23
IC2: 58
FT2: 22
MO: 9
AFT2: -
EOD3: -

Guild rules acceptance: I have read and accept the rules of Empyrean!


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Re: WTJ Tsunade9717

Post by SkyFA on 2013-11-18, 18:21

Thank you for your application. We'll discuss it and let you know the result.

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Re: WTJ Tsunade9717

Post by Destiny89 on 2013-11-18, 22:51

Your application is accepted.


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Re: WTJ Tsunade9717

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