Flazy's Application

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Flazy's Application

Post by Flazy on 2013-12-19, 20:04

Character Name: Flazy
Your old nicks,other chars that you play/have played: Flazy
RL name: Marcel
Country: Germany
Character Level:181
Character Class: FB
Character nation: Procyon
Character Creation date: 2007-06-12
Achievement score: 1039 xD
Honor (lv/%): 16 (28.59%)

What was your old guild and why did you leave it?
EC06, S9, ScarletMoon - Left cuz of differences and Inactivity by myself.

Why do you want to join Empyrean?
Because I am playing again after a long time and I want to be/play in a Guild that is active and higher than average in Skill and Equip.

Your Cabal Story:
I am playing since 2007 with some breaks here and there. Often got Bringer in the old times (10 Guards and 1 Bringer per Class).

Weapon(s): Red Osm Kata +15 40%, Tpz Crys +15 40%
Gloves: Mithril +11 7%
Suit: Mithril +11 7%
Boots: Mithril +11 7%
Helm: Tera +15 40%
Epaulet: EoF+8
Amulet: AoP+6
Earings: Drosning/Vamp+7
Bracelets: BoF+7 x2
Charm: None
Board/bike: K Red

Pet(lvl/slots): Lvl 10 (2 Amp, 2 Max Rate, 1 Min Dmg, 8 Attk, 6 Def, 1 Rate, 1 Resist Dmg, 1 Resist Knok Back Very Happy

Runes.(lvls) Party Exp, Pet Exp, Exp, Def 11, MP 15, HP 15, Str 2, Dex 4, Attk 9, Int 2, HP Absorb 2, CD 1, Amp 2, Max Rate 1

Critical Damage: 211%
Amp: 53%
(Magic)Attack: 1891
HP Absorb UP: 2%
HP Absorb Limit UP: 98
HP: 5465
Deffense: 2006
Max Critical Rate: 56%
INT: 309
DEX: 709
STR: 309
Damage Reduce: 244
Accuracy: 278

Blended runes:
Sword Dance 1, Defless 1, Cure 1

Dungeons (number of cleared dungeons).
FI: 433
AOS2: 176
IC2: 227
FT2: 389
MO: 49
AFT2: 0
EOD3: 0

Guild rules acceptance: I have read and accept the rules of Empyrean!




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Re: Flazy's Application

Post by APANHA on 2013-12-19, 20:15

hi flazy nice to see you long time


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Re: Flazy's Application

Post by Anaurelia on 2013-12-19, 22:00

Thank you for your application. We will discuss it and let you know the result soon.

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Re: Flazy's Application

Post by Destiny89 on 2013-12-20, 17:43

Your application is accepted!


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Re: Flazy's Application

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