Nub FA application :3

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Nub FA application :3

Post by xRikku on 2014-01-24, 16:14

Character Name: xRikku
Your old nicks,other chars that you play/have played: I have played my WA, lv 152, EvilFluttershy
Age: 17
RL name: Giulia
Country: Italy
Character Level: 171
Character Class: Force Archer
Character nation: Procyon
Character Creation date: 15.07.2012
Achievement score: 552
Honor (lv/%): 9
Empyrean is a Procyon guild (If you're currently Capella will you change ?)

What was your old guild and why did you leave it? LastForce, because I wanted to spam some dungeons like ft2/mo, and atm, there, they don't spam them.

Why do you want to join Empyrean? Because I heard it's a nice guild and I have some friends there.

Your Cabal Story: I'm playing since 2009, but I never took the game seriously, I mean, I was always talking with friends and nevurrr leveling. 2 years ago, I played a lot WA, then got bored of it and this was one of the main reasons why I left the game. Anyways, since the beginning of this year, I took my FA and lvled it to 171 from 116. I really like FA and I'm enjoying the game sooo much. I made some new friends, and I'll keep playing for sure. :3

Weapon(s): Mith orb+11 20%cd – Lyca Crystal +8, 20%cd, 2%cr, 3%amp
Gloves: Osmium+9 7%amp
Suit: Mithril +10 7%amp
Boots: Osmium+9 7%amp
Helm: S.tita+7 40%cd

Epaulet: EoS+7
Ring1: Merga ring
Ring2: RoL+2
Ring3: Cr+2
Ring4: Cr+2 / Life absorb+3 (Still don't have hp steal in gloves/rune, so when I go dungeon, I swap them. And yes, I know I have to get some gloves with hp steal in it asap :3)
Amulet: AoP+5
Earings: Vampiric+5 x2
Bracelets: of Sage +3 of amp x2
Charm: /
Board/bike: of Phantom Fera

Pet(lvl/slots): lvl 4, max MP steal per hit+10, Magic Att+8, Resist CD+1%

Critical Damage:
HP Absorb UP:
HP Absorb Limit UP:
HP: lv.13
Max Critical Rate:
DEX: lv.2
Damage Reduce:
(Note: Don't give for other runes)

Blended runes:

Dungeons (number of cleared dungeons).
FI: 1
AOS2: 5
IC2: 7
FT2: 1
MO: 2

Guild rules acceptance: I have read and accept the rules of Empyrean!

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Re: Nub FA application :3

Post by SkyFA on 2014-01-24, 17:12

Thank you for your application. We will discuss it and let you know the result soon.

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Re: Nub FA application :3

Post by Destiny89 on 2014-01-24, 20:46

Your application is accepted.


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Re: Nub FA application :3

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