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Post by xXKillerGirlXx on 2014-02-12, 17:04

Character Name: xXKillerGirlXx
Your old nicks,other chars that you play/have played: BL  BladerOfDarkness
Age: 29
RL name: Maik
Country: Germany
Character Level: 173
Character Class: Wizzard
Character nation: Procyon
Character Creation date: 2008
Achievement score:  1263 only
Honor (lv/%): 11 55,55%  and 6k wexp
Empyrean is a Procyon guild (If you're currently Capella will you change ?)

Proud to be a Proc

What was your old guild and why did you leave it?

I was in Divines and Abyss, they are freindly but a bit inactive or doing only low dungeons like s1 and ic1

Why do you want to join Empyrean?

Cuz u need me^^ Joke.  I want Join your Guild because u look rly Active and i spoke today with (GA)Alexandrie ( hope wrote it right )

In week i´m only in the early evening on cuz of Work, butr at weekend i´m 75% on and rly dungeon, Nation War active.
Your Cabal Story:

I start playing in 2007. A friend told me about Cabal and i try it. Since this time i make rly rly many Dg´s and know how to play. In 2010 a friend stop and I transfer my Wi to friend acc. On this Account is a BL 181 and WA 158 but without equip but i know how to play WA and BL. But 3 weeks later i had break too because game was to easy at this time. On Oct. 2012 i start playing again and now it make´s fun cuz it´s a bit harder.

Weapon(s):2x Mith. Orb 28dmg 14attack +8
Gloves: Osm +9 7m amp
Suit: Osm +9 7m amp
Boots: Osm +9 7m amp
Helm: Osm +9  20/8

Epaulet: Eos+7
Ring1: Tyrant
Ring2: Rol+2
Ring3: Rol+2
Ring4: Crit+2
Amulet: Aop+5
Earings: Drosnin
Bracelets: 2x Bos+7
Charm: atm non  work on it
Board/bike: K- Red

Pet(lvl/slots):  2x lvl  and 1x lvl 9  35%  but nothing special in slot´s, Crit Dmg,Rate, Hp steal, Hp

Critical Damage:
(Magic)Attack: 11
HP Absorb UP: 2
HP Absorb Limit UP:
Max Critical Rate:
DEX: 1
Damage Reduce:
(Note: Don't give for other runes)

Blended runes:

All the other´s Char get´s rune for WI i work on it

Dungeons (number of cleared dungeons). Only with WI
FI:  96
AOS2: 35
IC2: 201
FT2: 78
MO: 3
AFT2: 0
EOD3: 1 duo till first Boss (I hope it was the first Boss )

Guild rules acceptance: I have read and accept the rules of Empyrean!

Thx for taking time to read My Apply


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Re: Hello

Post by TheAvarice on 2014-02-12, 17:32

Thank you for your application. We will discuss it and let you know the results soon.


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Re: Hello

Post by SkyFA on 2014-02-12, 19:54

Application accepted, pm for invite ^^

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Re: Hello

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