My application

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My application

Post by AngelvonHeaven on 2014-02-20, 16:00

Character Name: Angelvonheaven
Your old nicks,other chars that you play/have played: have but newbies so not important
Age:21 (soon 22 )
RL name: Ruben
Country: Netherlands
Character Level: 182
Character Class: Blader
Character nation: Procyon (4 life)
Character Creation date:2007-06-21
Achievement score:1301
Honor (lv/%): Class 12 54,93%
Empyrean is a Procyon guild (If you're currently Capella will you change ?)
I am procyon always have always will be.

What was your old guild and why did you leave it?
Abyss, to inactive which make me inactive I purely play cabal for fun , for the dungeons .. did nearly 7 years of solo career kinda bored of it ^^

Why do you want to join Empyrean?
to spam dungeons and Green wants me here

Your Cabal Story: My story is that i dont get invited much and i stopped playing for a couple months I just want to have fun , not even better gear.
Takes to long to farm so I gave up on that . and then when i finally got some good gear. I got hacked 1 day after my birthday and they toke it all .
toke me loooong time to farm everything back. well heres my gear =3 its kinda standard but it will suffice I hope.
And I apologize if my english is crappy.

Weapon(s):Mithril blade 20% crit dmg , Lycanus katana 15 crit dmg 8 amp +9 , (and a mithril blade 26% dont use it cuze i cant upgrade it, but i want too)
Gloves: Sigmetal hp steal +2% +20 def and 7 all skill amp +11
Suit:7 all skill amp (1 slot 50hp ) +11
Boots: 7 all skill amp (1 slot 50hp ) +11
Helm: osm 36% crit dmg (want to change it for a rate one )

Epaulet: Sig eof+7
Ring1: Leth tyrant's ring
Ring2: Killian''s ring
Ring3: Rol+2
Ring4: Crit ring +2
Amulet: AOP+5
Earings: VE+7 x2
Bracelets:BOF +6 x2
Charm: Sapphire Charm +0
Board/bike:Kred and a crappy RW3 +10

Pet(lvl/slots): got several 1 lvl 10 and 1 lvl 8 ( slots arent worth mentioning )

Critical Damage: lvl 1
Amp: lvl 0
(Magic)Attack: lvl 0
HP Absorb UP: lvl 3
HP Absorb Limit UP:lvl 6
HP: lvl 15
Deffense: lvl 0
Max Critical Rate: lvl 0
INT: lvl 0
STR: 2
Damage Reduce: lvl 0
Accuracy: lvl 0
(Note: Don't give for other runes)

Blended runes: dont have

Dungeons (number of cleared dungeons).
FI: 63

Mostly i just spammed ic1 , and go anywhere else if people invited me xD

Guild rules acceptance: I have read and accept the rules of Empyrean!


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Re: My application

Post by TheAvarice on 2014-02-20, 19:40

Thank you for your application. We will discuss it and let you know the results soon.


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Re: My application

Post by SkyFA on 2014-02-21, 13:42

App accepted! Pm for invite ^^

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Re: My application

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