Empyrean Guild Rules

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Empyrean Guild Rules

Post by Destiny89 on 2013-03-30, 15:29

Hello people,
Dear guildmates and people interested to join our guild.
Rules are for proper control on the guild and to avoid any misunderstanding.In order to achieve this goal it is necessary that all participants abide by the the rules, as outlined below. Players who does not follow these rules will have their permission to use this forum removed.The rules must be respected and followed by everyone and always.

1. Language used in forum and guild chat
1.1. The use of language which is sexually explicit, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive is forbidden. This includes both clear and implied language, images, links to websites or signatures with such content. Posts and thread titles consisting of this language will be edited accordingly.
1.2. Flaming, trolling ,etc is forbbiden.
-You should not attack/provoke others into verbal fights, or create posts intended to cause unrest. This includes immature name-calling and personal conflicts with other members.
1.3. Any other language than English in the guild chat is FORBIDDEN.

2.1. Empyrean guild is a family.You must respect others and their rights to enjoy the game and the forum. In order to show proper respect, you may not defraud, harass, threaten, insult, name call, or cause distress and/or unwanted attention to other players.
2.2. What is talked on guild chat stays inside the guild and shouldn't be repeated outside the guild or sent anywhere outside excluding the guild forum.
2.3. You should NOT PK (Player Kill) guild members intentionally. This also applies for killing people of different nation. You are still members of the same guild.
2.4. Guild chat and forum is in ENGLISH only.You can speak any other language out of the forum and guild chat.
2.5. Hackers/botters/bug exploiting/scammers/macro users or any 3rd party program users will be kicked instantly from the guild. No hacker will be tolerated.

3. Harassment
3.1. Harassing other players is not acceptable.Personal attacks are forbidden. This includes the distribution, release or discussion of any real-life, personal, or private information both real life and game related about other players.

4.1. If there is a GuildMaster (Second) / Recruitment Manager /Commander in the party, he must be the party leader and he will loot all items, unless he decides otherwise.
4.2. As far as possible, "Trial members" will not be given party lead.

5.1. You MUST share the drop with the party members WHEREVER you are going and WHATEVER you are dropping. If it's impossible to share the drop ,then do a ROLL.
5.2. Drei Frame parts (character binding 7 amp+) drop from MO is NOT FREE. The owner of the Drei Frame part (character binding 7+ amp) have to give 3x MO entries for each party member to the party leader who split the entries with the members excluding the owner of the item, unless decided otherwise BEFORE the run starts and accepted by ALL members of that party.The other parts below 7 amp are for FREE. The NON character binding parts are to be sold ,else if the party leader and the party members agree to keep it.
5.3. Winner of Leth Tyrant ring in FT2 MUST give cr+2(or the amount of alz that cr+2 cost in AH in that moment) to the party leader ,then the party leader must (sell the ring and) split the money with the party members excluding the owner of the Leth Tyrant ring, unless decided otherwise BEFORE the run starts and accepted by ALL members of the party.This rule also applies for Awakened Leth Tyrant Ring and Tempus Ring.

6.1If you want to use the services of the guild Crafters,you must first message them and discuss their craft services with them. You can find the guild's crafters along with their crafting professions in this thread: http://empyrean.forumotion.co.uk/t94-guild-crafting#936
6.2 Success and fail of the craft.
    You must bring all the required materials to the Crafter. Should the craft fail,you will not be refunded the invested materials. If the craft succeeds but is not a Max Craft,you will receive the crafted item. If the craft succeeds and is a Max Craft,you must pay the Crafter the price of the item on Auction House,with a 20% guild discount. If no such item is to be found on the Auction House,the Crafter will decide the items price,again,with a certain discount.

7.1 As of 15.01.2014, Empyrean is a Procyon Only Guild. The current members of the guild will not be forced to change their nation.
7.2 This rule has been decided to prevent any potential issues which may occur in Nation orientated events (Arcane Golem,Saints Force Calibur,Nation war,etc)

8.1. Applications not in required format or not meeting the required English standard will automatically be rejected.
8.2. An application MUST be posted by the applicant himself. Application posted by someone else or from another account will be rejected. All new applicants MUST register a NEW forum account, and post application from this account.
8.3. We (the GuildMasters/Recruitment Managers) can reject an application without the need to justify ourselves, even if the applicant meets all requirements (the application is perfect).
8.4. Players having bad reputation on the server (as being Hackers, Scammers,etc.) wont get accepted here. (No need to justify ourselves).
8.5. If you apply for more than one guild at once your application will be rejected.
8.6. All information on your application MUST be TRUE and COMPLETE. If we find out later that you lied or hid important information, your application will be rejected.
8.7. While applying, be online as much as you can. Inform anyone in the guild staff if you will be absent while you apply. We will try to invite you in 2 days after your application is accepted and if we dont get a response, we will reject your application.

9.1. ALL new members of Empyrean will be on TRIAL for maximum 3 weeks.The trial starts counting from the day you join the guild in game.
9.2. Factors that determine if you passed the trial are:
- How active you are?
- Your personality?
- Your activity with/without guild members?
- How you communicate?
- Reputation / views / how others perceive you?
9.3. To judge if you passed the trial will be depend on votes and comment of the guild members.
9.4. You will fail the trial and get kicked if:
- You was caught hacking/botting or doing anything illegal (according to cabal online rules).
- You are inactive.
- You are a problem-maker for the guild (inside and/or outside guild).
- You broke any of the Guild Rules.
- If your 3 weeks trial expires and nothing special is found in you.
- And for any other reason the GuildMasters or the Recruitment Managers think is right.
9.5. You will become Full Member only after passing the trial.

10. Confirmed members
10.1.All full members in Empyrean MUST check our forum regularly and vote for the new applications that the Admin,Moderators will copy to our hidden thread "Empyrean team".
10.2. You should NOT share your account with anyone! If you share your account and we find this out, you will be kicked out of the guild!
10.3. If you are a member of Empyrean and you apply for another guild ,you will be kicked from Empyrean and you will NOT be welcome back anymore!

11.1. Being in Empyrean means you accept those rules by default.
11.2. All applicant to Empyrean must read and accept these rules before posting applications. By posting an application means you have read and accepted the rules.

12. Off topic
12.1. In the off topic you can post images,videos and any information about and out of cabal.
12.2. Keep in mind our Language and Behavior rules (1. and 2. above) before posting anything and do NOT break them.In case that any member break one of this rules he will be warned/punished depending on the severity of the violation.

13.1. If you are accepted in the guild, doesnt matter if you are trial member or a confirmed member of Empyrean and you were inactive for more than 7 days without prior notice for your inactivity ,you will be instantly kicked/removed from the guild.
13.2. If you were kicked while you were inactive and you were a CONFIRMED member of the guild, just PM a Guild Master / Recruitment Manager to invite you back ,only when you are active again. No new application required.

14.Warnings and Punishments.
14.1. When a guild member breaks any of the guild rules above he will be warned or punished by a Moderator in the forum by any of the Penalty Systems below ,or by GuildMaster in game by moving the player in "The Dark Corner" .When a member gets more than 3 warnings, the member will be removed from the guild and the forum.


Moderator Actions: Penalty System

The moderators of Empyrean forum are here to keep the forums clean and enjoyable. They may often clean a thread without giving any warning to offenders if the violations are deemed minor. However in some cases warnings or infractions will be given out, those can be 2 types.

Unofficial warning:
In the form of a post in the thread, private message or any other way of warning without using the forum infraction system. This is used only for minor offences and when the moderator decides that the user can clean/correct the problem themselves.

Official warning:
This warning is a reminder to reread the forum rules and to respect them, it is not a penalty, it doesn’t add points towards a ban. Official warning will be given for more serious violations as a last warning before issuing a penalty for that member. Warnings are stored in the Forum and will be visible for Moderators (even after they expire).

We keep the right to change/add our guild rules in any time without the need of giving any reason.

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Re: Empyrean Guild Rules

Post by TheAvarice on 2014-01-14, 23:46

Changes to the Empyrean Rules:


- Crafting rule added. (#6 on the Rule list)
- Nation rule added. (#7 on the Rule list)


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