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Post by Berserkir on 2013-09-02, 22:34

Character Name: Akichi
RL name: Nicola
Country: Italia
Character Level:178
Character Class:FB
Character nation: Procyon
Achievement score: 989
Honor (lv/%): 11/34%

What was your old guild and why did you leave it? i was BrainStorm, i leave it cuz when we go in dng all ppl speak in turkey and i did not understand nothen -.- and did a few dngs.

Why do you want to join Empyrean? to have fun and grow with you

Your Cabal Story: I have been stopped for the sake of this work, now I'm back and I have more desire than before

Weapon(s): sig 40+15 BL / sig 40+15 CRY
Gloves: mith +11 8 amp 3 r. rate
Suit: mith +11 8 amp 200 hp
Boots: mith +11 8 amp 3 r. amp/50 HP
Helm: tera +15 40/7

Epaulet: EOF+8
Ring1: Killian
Ring2: ROF+10
Ring3: ROF+10
Ring4: ROF+10
Amulet: AOP+6
Earings: VE+7 x2 / drosin 46-56 def
Bracelets: BOF+7 x2
Charm: nothen
Board/bike: kred

Runes: All max (eccept damage reduce and accuracy, no have)

Dungeons (party dung only): FT2 , MO , S2 , IC2

Guild rules acceptance: I have read and accept the rules of Empyrean

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Re: Application

Post by TheAvarice on 2013-09-02, 22:53

Thanks for your application ,we will discuss it and let you know the result soon!


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Re: Application

Post by SkyFA on 2013-09-03, 19:12

Your application is accepted. Please pm any of the leaders for invitation!

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Re: Application

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