Irelia's application

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Irelia's application

Post by Irelia on 2013-09-05, 13:16

Character Name: xXxIreliaxXx (yes I know, way to many x'es)
Your old nicks,other chars that you play/have played: no old nicks, and other chars are not worth mentioning.
Age: 20
RL name: Danny
Country: The Netherlands
Character Level: 182
Character Class: Blader
Character nation: Procyon
Character Creation date: 2012-05-09
Achievement score: 1494
Honor (lv/%): Honor 13, with over 10k wexp, so it'll be 14 soon.

What was your old guild and why did you leave it? Nothing, left the game some 2 months ago and returned to it a few days ago to see what the game looked like nowadays Smile.

Why do you want to join Empyrean? Just looking for a guild and a reason to play again. Being a loner is boring.

Your Cabal Story: Really...can't I just copy paste it from somewhere =\. To keep it short I'll leave it at this: Had played loads of crap chars i.e. not my class. The closest thing being my class was a FB. Then the FB got hacked, I left the game for about a year, returned because of a group of real life friends playing again, created this BL and have been raising this char as my masterpiece.

Set: Now things will get interesting, because this is the stuff people want to know Smile
Weapon(s): 2 Times mithril blade 20 crit dmg + 15
Gloves: Sigmetal gloves 7 amp 2% hp-steal and 1 open slot +15
Suit: Sigmetal suit 7 amp 2 slots both filled with hp +15
Boots: Craftsman mithril 8 amp 50 hp +9
Helm: Shadow titanium 15/24 +15

Epaulet: EoF+8
Ring1: Crit ring +2
Ring2: Crit ring +2
Ring3: Killian's ring
Ring4: RoL+2/ crit ring +2 (for bm 2 +aura, so I can deal more dmg)
Amulet: AoP+6
Earings: Vamp +7 2x
Bracelets: BoF+7 2x
Charm: The legendary amber +5
Board/bike: K-Red

Pet: Neverath Husky level 9 with slots not worth mentioning. If, however, you wish to see it I'll show it ingame.

CD: lvl 5
Amp: lvl 4
Atk: lvl 15
Vamp: I take it you mean the % rune here? It's at level 2. The + bonus rune is at level 1
HP: lvl 15
def: lvl 8
max crit: don't have one yet but plenty of money to buy myself one Smile
INT: 4
DEX: 4
STR: 5
Damage Reduce: Same with the max crit rate rune. Waiting for one to come for sale and then I'll buy it.
(Note: Don't give for other runes)

Blended runes: /

Dungeons (party dung only):
FI: solo
AOS2: solo
IC2: solo
FT2: 237
MO: 94
AFT2: Never tried

Guild rules acceptance: I have read and accept the rules of Empyrean! Yes

Just one little thing. In case people note I have ''extraordinary items'' for my amount of dungeon counts, I've been quite lucky @ FT2 and I also farmed a lot of craft materials on my weak wizards, have some 30 level 100 chars I used for quests etc. I'm not much of an alz-buyer. Heck, I'm Dutch o.OWe're the supposed epitome of stinginess Smile

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Re: Irelia's application

Post by TheAvarice on 2013-09-05, 13:23

Thanks for your application ,we will discuss it and let you know the result soon!


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Re: Irelia's application

Post by Destiny89 on 2013-09-06, 06:12

Your application is accepted!


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Re: Irelia's application

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