Application iSh4dow

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Application iSh4dow

Post by iSh4dow on 2013-12-06, 17:39

Character Name: iSh4dow
Your old nicks,other chars that you play/have played: none
Age: 20
RL name: Antonio
Country: italy
Character Level:181
Character Class: force blader
Character nation: procyon
Character Creation date: 2008
Achievement score: 1440
Honor (lv/%): 12 (40%)

What was your old guild and why did you leave it? We were an active guild some months ago then many people stopped playing or were playing much less (school, work etc.). So i decided to look for another guild.

Why do you want to join Empyrean? because i know some people already in this guild (Rava, Ghydeon and BestSingh)

Your Cabal Story: i always had this character and i always played fb

Weapon(s):Sigmetal katana 40 +15 0/3 / topaz crystal 40 dmg 10 atk+15 (1/2)
Gloves: mithril 7 amp +11
Suit: mithril 8 amp 150 hp +9
Boots: mithril 8 amp 25 def +11
Helm: shadowtitanium 40 dmg +9

Epaulet: eof+8
Ring1: killian
Ring2: tyrant
Ring3: cr+2
Amulet: aop+6
Earings: 2x drosnin with def/hp and ve+7
Bracelets: bof+7 and bof+6
Charm: none
Board/bike: kred

Pet(lvl/slots): lvl 9 85% with hp-2%dmg-1%mcr- rest craps

Critical Damage: maxed
Amp: none
(Magic)Attack: none
HP Absorb UP: 2
HP Absorb Limit UP:
HP: maxed
Deffense: none
Max Critical Rate: maxed
INT: none
DEX: 4
STR: 2
Damage Reduce: none
Accuracy: none
(Note: Don't give for other runes)

Blended runes: none

Dungeons (number of cleared dungeons).
FI: 62
AOS2: 55
IC2: 94
FT2: 207
MO: 75
AFT2: 0
EOD3: 0

Guild rules acceptance: I have read and accept the rules of Empyrean!


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Re: Application iSh4dow

Post by Anaurelia on 2013-12-06, 18:36

Thank you for your application, we will discuss it and let you know the result soon.

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Re: Application iSh4dow

Post by Destiny89 on 2013-12-09, 00:21

Your application is accepted.


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Re: Application iSh4dow

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